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  • Kate Munning

Closing out TLCNJ's 40th Year

We're still marveling at the fact that we're closing out TLCNJ's 40th year. Far from "over the hill," we're still picking up more and more momentum. Most notable in 2021 were the the strides we're making to return ancestral lands to the Ramapough Nation; the huge carbon sink we're building (slowly but surely) in the Delaware River Watershed; and continuing the restoration of the West Brook in Passaic County.

Who knows where the trail will lead as we head into 2022, but we can tell you one thing: TLCNJ will continue to forge ahead into our fifth decade with the conservation work we're known for.

Tomorrow is the last day of the year for you to support our work with a tax-deductible gift. When you donate to The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, you are protecting critical land and water resources that sustain thousands of plant and animal species, nourish you with local food, and inspire you with natural beauty and special places to explore. We are member-supported, nationally accredited, and dedicated to building environmental resilience and fighting the climate crisis.

Your support and partnership make it possible for us to double down on our commitment to conservation and community--so thank you.

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