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Are you a college junior, senior, or graduate student in environmental science or a related environmental field? Know someone who is? The Land Conservancy of New Jersey is looking to support scholars pursuing degrees in environmental science, natural resource management, conservation, park administration, and related fields.


The Land Conservancy's scholarship program started in 1983 with the Russell W. Myers Scholarship, followed by the Rogers Family Scholarship in 2005. For 40 years TLCNJ has been proudly supporting future environmental leaders who are training for careers protecting our natural resources. In 2024, we are able to award six scholarships, thanks to generous supporters of our education initiatives. One student will be chosen for each of the six $10,000 scholarships. The selection process is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The 2024 scholarship cycle is closed. Scholarship winners will be announced soon.

Interested candidates must be New Jersey residents and undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university (though not necessarily a New Jersey university), with an academic average equivalent to a 3.3 or higher. The scholarship program is administered by our board of trustees. Payment of the scholarship is made directly to the institution that the successful candidate attends. If you have questions about our scholarship program, please contact Breanna Durkin at or (973) 957-2683.

2011 interns Luke & Kyle.jpg

scholarship winners

2023: Kylie Bill, Sophia Ludtke, Jose Antunes, Eliza Rothenburger, adam gelfand

2022: amanda baksa, dorothy helmken, oluwafemi soetan, sara haas, sumbel yaqoob
2021: andreia resende,julia galayda, kenneth hamel, & danielle dyson
2020: toyosi dickson & jessica zhao
2019: xena itzkowitz & michael allers
2018: Patrick carney & justin rozema
2017: Sandeep dhagat & morgan torstenson
2016: Charlotte leib & jim duffy
2015: ryan martens & olivia tempest
2014: Rebecca wolf & michael endicott
2013: hanna morris & samuel gersie
2012: stephanie rivera & samantha apgar
2011: steven sheets & brian curry
2010: carly furman & amy burzynski
2009: kyle rossner & drew hart
2008: thomas reed & matthew trump
2007: bonnie waring & christa dilalo
2006: katherine ghilain & louise jensen
2005: brian atieh & william heritage
2004: beth gambino
2003: greg babbitt
2002: lauren musto
2001: erin mickelwaite
2000: marilyn eames
1999: erik fargo & jessica graham
1998: jessica graham
1997: robert fish
1996: josephine collins-james
1995: amy clay & jason hudsveth
1994: jason hudsveth, douglas wheat, michele louise infante
1993: kyle lischak, michele louise infante, harriot honigeld
1992: michele louise infante
1991: stephen digeralamo
1990: kristie maczko
1989: eric goldstein
1988: patrick boag & julie bargmann
1986: patrick boag
1985: julie bargmann
1984: daniel chieco

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