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  • Kate Munning

Dispatch from Bobcat Alley

The Land Conservancy of New Jersey is currently purchasing property in Warren County to expand a greenway that stretches from Route 94 to the Kittatinny Ridge. The Nature Conservancy dubbed this area “Bobcat Alley” because bobcats have regained a tenuous foothold here after almost being wiped out. Bobcats are part of the food chain web of life in our forests, and protecting them also helps the other species that rely on our forests for food and shelter.

Endangered bobcats deserve a space where they can safely interact, hunt and raise their young. But habitat loss and forest fragmentation continue to challenge their small population, disconnecting them from their historic range and pushing them more frequently into busy roadways.

We have been working in Bobcat Alley for many years, buying up parcels of land to create a connected patchwork of land that will remain a safe haven for wildlife for many years to come.

Click through to our most recent newsletter to read about this wildlife corridor and why it's important. You'll also find stories about our stalwart winter volunteers, superstar planning fellows, and recent changes to our board of trustees.

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