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  • Kate Munning

Help Us Grow a Forest of Hope

South Branch Preserve in Mt. Olive, NJ is an important site for both ecology and recreation. It contains the headwaters of the Raritan River’s South Branch, as well as forest restoration areas, butterfly meadows, trails, a bird blind, the South Branch Community Garden, land art, and more.

Currently, we do not have a permanent fund to help maintain the continuous care of South Branch Preserve. So we’re asking your help in planting a Forest of Hope so The Land Conservancy has the resources to care for this land into the future.

A minimum $100 gift will allow donors the opportunity to name a tree in the reforestation area of the Preserve. We will recognize your donation with a sign on site so donors and visitors have information about the trees and where they are located, as well as a dedicated webpage with the same information. Donations go to the Jason Andris Stewardship Fund and will be used exclusively for stewardship purposes.

Donation Tree $100 Oak, Maple or Poplar $250 Paw Paw or Persimmon $500 Grove of 5 nearby trees $1000 Grove of 10 nearby trees

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