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  • Kate Munning

2021 Scholarship Winner: Julia Galayda

Our fourth and final 2021 scholarship winner is Julia Galayda. Her work doing site remediation for the NJDEP, as well as her childhood spent at the beach, sparked an interest in environmental management and policy, and now Julia is pursuing a master’s degree at American Military University. She wants her own children to be able to enjoy the the experiences she was afforded as a child, so she set out to make a difference in the environment.

Her duties as a case manager include approving remediation work at sites that have been contaminated with hazardous materials for many years. She also works to ensure responsible parties are following state and federal guidelines during remediation. Seeing as New Jersey has the most Superfund sites in the country, Julia wants to ensure her home state is cleaned up properly so that New Jersey’s environment is preserved for future generations. In the future, Julia would like to be a part of policy making as well as implementation within the department.

Congratulations, Julia!

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