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  • Kate Munning

Justice for the Ramapough

Momentum is building across all sectors to return Split Rock Mountain to the indigenous Ramapough Munsee people. It’s a complex process, but The Land Conservancy is up for the challenge, eager to help this community we’ve worked with for over a decade gain back some of what they lost centuries ago.

One significant step toward success is establishing the Ramapo Munsee Land Alliance, a nonprofit land trust that will allow the nation to conduct business, care for the land, and establish gathering places where they can educate future generations. Indigenous-led groups have found that blending cultural practices and traditions with Western science provides the most effective approach to protecting and stewarding the land and waters. This newly formed land trust will allow the Ramapough Lunaape Nation to have full ownership and decision making on their lands, allowing them to honor their culture and traditions.

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