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  • Kate Munning

2021 Scholarship Winner: Ken Hamel

Congratulations to our third scholarship winner, Ken Hamel!

Ken is a graduate student in the marine biology program at Montclair State University. He is interested in marine ecology and also freshwater ecosystems, human impacts, and environmental policy and protection. He has done research with the New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology, helping with water quality monitoring, aquatic connectivity, harmful algal blooms, and macroinvertebrate bioindication. Ken has also assisted in research in Barnegat Bay studying plankton, invasive clinging jellyfish, sea nettles, and eelgrass restoration. The focus of his graduate research is how purple sea urchins respond to increased algal turf encroachment in kelp forests as a response to extreme warming events, which could help predict shifts in these ecosystems. Important work indeed!

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