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  • Kate Munning

Office Renovations at WildAcres

Lovely updated space after the renovation

Exciting changes are happening around here! Last week one of our main work spaces at TLC-NJ HQ got a facelift, thanks to a grant from the Hyde and Watson Foundation.

We were able to install new carpeting, desks, and file cabinets, giving a whole new look to the space inside the historic house at WildAcres, where we work to protect land all over the state. Looking more professional and being more organized does wonderful things for morale!

New carpets being installed during the renovation

In 2000, The Land Conservancy and Montville Township purchased and preserved WildAcres, which has been designated a Montville park, named the Fred and Myrtle Hierwarter WildAcres Preserve in memory of the previous owners. In 2001, The Land Conservancy renovated the house on the property and relocated its headquarters to WildAcres. We are proud to continue maintaining and updating this site for the benefit of our employees and for future generations.

Before the renovation

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