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Read the Winter 2022 Newsletter

No hibernation for us! We've been busy this winter.

Did you know that we recently saved 75 acres in Hanover that were once slated to become part of a Route 24 extension? It took 15 years to acquire from the NJDOT, but now this property will become a nature trail instead. It's a great story; read all about it in our winter newsletter.

There's also a spread on how we've been growing Yards Creek Preserve in Blairstown for the last three years, acquiring land and restoring its natural beauty by planting trees and removing manmade barriers that inhibit a healthy habitat. This land in the Delaware River Basin is vulnerable, richly diverse, and provides drinking water to millions of people along the East Coast. Our aim is to create a resilient ecosystem that will better adapt to climate change while supporting diverse populations of native plants and animals, and it's coming along nicely. Check out our progress!

There's a lot more in the newsletter, including a tribute to the 150 interns we've had over the past 21 years, which you can catch up on here.

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