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  • Kate Munning

2020 Intern: Becca Bright

Becca is a senior at Rutgers University—New Brunswick, where she is majoring in Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior and minoring in creative writing. She plans to pursue a career in a field related to environmental sustainability after graduation in May.

At Rutgers, she is a resident assistant (RA), as well as a member of Alpha Zeta, an honorary and professional fraternity. She also is a member of Nightshade, the Ultimate Frisbee team at Rutgers. Most recently, she has been accepted to the George H. Cook Scholars Program, through which she will complete research on the potential success of co-infection to eliminate chestnut blight, a pathogen-caused disease impacting chestnut trees. Her past experiences pertinent to her internship include her time as editor-in-chief of The Daily Targum, as well as a writer and editor of The Trail, a student-run environmental newsletter at Rutgers. She has been accepted to the WINGS (Women Investing in and Guiding Students) mentoring program, sponsored by the Institute for Women’s Leadership; she has been paired with a mentor at Johnson & Johnson. She will spend the next year making valuable professional connections, attending professional development workshops, and increasing her understanding of the professional world as a woman.

“I chose to intern at The Land Conservancy of New Jersey because the mission of the company closely aligns with my professional goals and personal values. The preservation of the environment is imperative, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to work toward this goal. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey!”

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