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Check Our Progress in the Annual Report

We're proud of how far we've come, and where our organization is headed. Check out our 2021 year in review in the just-published annual report.

David writes in his president's letter, "Our staff once again accomplished many remarkable things in 2021, proving that whether they are working in an office, at home, or in a field or forest, their enthusiasm for our work knows no bounds. We completed 14 acquisition projects to preserve

a total of 584 acres, including additions to our Ramapo Mountain, Nancy Conger West Brook, and Yards Creek preserves. We secured three farmland easements, including the 224-acre Murlan Farm in Frelinghuysen. We helped acquire the 74-acre former right-of-way for a planned expansion of Route 24

in Hanover, which will now become a nature preserve and hiking trail. We also assisted

the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation in establishing a new land trust and accessing

land stewardship funding.

Thanks to the generosity of our members and friends, we were able to set up new

endowments for the Nancy Conger West Brook and South Branch preserves, which will

generate annual income to help us maintain these two gems. Our partner City Green

completed an amazing third year at South Branch Preserve, growing 52,789 pounds of

fresh organic vegetables and donating 3,912 pounds of the harvest to local food pantries.

The community garden plots sold out once again, and gardeners donated 385 pounds of

what they grew to local food pantries.

Our amazing planning staff completed 10 open space, farmland preservation, and

environmental resource inventory plans, and they were excited to help Edison educate

residents about an Open Space Trust Fund referendum, which was overwhelmingly

approved! We were delighted to host the 12th annual Gray Cup Classic, which brought

in $110,000 to acquire and care for new properties. We updated and redesigned The

Conservancy’s website, developed a great new video overview of our work, and dramatically

increased our social media following. We renewed our national accreditation to ensure

we continue to meet the highest national standards for ethical practices and technical

excellence as a land trust. The Conservancy also doubled its scholarship program,

awarding $30,000 total to four students, and hosted 10 interns as well.

While this was not the easiest of years, thanks to our members, supporters and friends, it

was certainly a memorable one.

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