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  • Kate Munning

American Chestnut Revival

What an incredible turnout we had on Saturday for our American Chestnut revival! Thanks to Antinanco for sharing their deep knowledge and research on chestnut trees, and for giving free seedlings to all attendees.

It was inspiring to bring 40+ people (and some snail friends, pictured above) together to learn about the importance of the American chestnut tree and the various ways scientists, arborists, and everyday citizens are working to bring it back from functional extinction. We all learned so much from Joe Resch's presentation and demonstration, which was illuminating and enjoyed by all, judging by the many questions and conversations that arose.

I made chestnut cooking for everyone to snack on, and there were several requests for the recipe, so here it is. (Recipe hack: Since chestnuts aren't in season right now, I used pre-peeled ones and roasted them for 5 minutes.)

It feels great to get back to meeting interesting, like-minded folks in person. If you couldn't make it on Saturday, check our events page and join us next time!

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