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  • Kate Munning

Flying High with the World Series of Birding

The Land Conservancy of New Jersey had a successful World Series of Birding event on May 11. Our amazing team, the Highlands Hawks, identified 122 different species of birds within 24 hours!


The fog that kept NJ residents from seeing the aurora borealis recently is the same fog that kept our team from traveling south as originally planned. Instead, they stuck to Warren and Sussex counties. At one location at High Point State Park, they spotted 51 species in just a 2-hour period!


Team Captain Stephen Kloiber reports that it was a good night for nocturnal surveys, including a handful of owls, displaying woodcock, and whip-poor-wills calling. Their day ended with a handful of nighthawks flying over the Delaware River. Other highlights include a red-throated loon spotting, which is rare for the area, and a ring-necked pheasant, which is considered an “exotic escapee”!


We would like to thank your members for pledging their generous support of this event. We couldn't do it without you!

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