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Intern Profile: Nikki Morley

Let’s give a big, warm welcome to planning intern Nikki Morley! Nikki recently graduated from Lafayette College with a BA in animal science. They started out on a sustainable farm, and their experience ranges from sustainable farming to conservation biology, culminating in a thesis on effect of salt pollution on red-backed salamanders. Nikki has also interned with the Trustees of Reservations in Boston working with ecological and historical site managers to learn about land preservation.

Nikki says, “I was interested in working with TLCNJ because I have focused primarily on field conservation work, and I would like to explore another facet of conservation and preservation. I am excited to learn what goes into the planning policy of preserving ecologically, historically, and community valued land while with TLCNJ.”

In their spare time, Nikki loves to hike, watch birds, and go herping—looking for reptiles and amphibians.

We’re happy to have you, Nikki!

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