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  • Kate Munning

2022 Scholarship Winner: Oluwafemi Soetan

We are thrilled to announce the winners of TLCNJ’s 2022 scholarships! This year we were able to give FIVE awards out to some impressive young people who are working hard to shape the future of conservation in New Jersey.

First up is Oluwafemi Soetan, a doctoral student in environmental science and management at Montclair State University. Femi’s studies focus on environmental toxicology, water resource conservation, water innovation, sustainability, and environmental policy. He has been involved in water quality monitoring research in the Raritan and Musconetcong watersheds as well as the aquatic connectivity program with the New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology. His research is focused on investigating the efficiency and sustainability of remedial measures applied to ecologically imbalanced freshwater ecosystems that have been negatively impacted by anthropogenic input and human activities. He is passionate about influencing policies on water resource conservation and global water security.

Congratulations, Femi!

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