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  • Kate Munning

2022 Scholarship Winner: Sara Haas

We’re continuing our series on the FIVE scholarship awards that TLCNJ gave out this year. Congratulations to Sara Haas from West Windsor!

Sara is a junior at Duke University, pursuing a double major in environment science and biology. She found a passion for conservation ecology when she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2020 to join a crew restoring public lands damaged by wildfires. Sara’s interest in sustainable agriculture led her to the Duke Campus Farm, where she works using traditional agricultural methods.

Sara is interested in conservation ecology and sustainable agriculture, and has been exploring both fields during her undergraduate years. In fall of 2020, Sara moved to the Pacific Northwest to join a conservation crew restoring public lands damaged by wildfires and found a passion for environmental conservation. Sara works at the Duke Campus Farm engaging in the practices of traditional agricultural and built on this interest with an internship with Earthjustice's Sustainable Food and Farming Program. Currently, Sara is living in Formosa, Argentina with the Owl Monkey Project as an NSF-IRES fellow, investing the impact of owl monkey digestion on seed germination in the Humid Chaco. Fascinating!

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