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2023 Planning Fellow: Tanvi Sule

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Say hello to Tanvi, our new planning fellow! Tanvi earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a master’s degree in environmental science, both from the University of Mumbai, then got another master’s at the University of Pennsylvania in environmental studies specializing in environmental resilience and adaptation. Her interests lie in planning (especially nature-based solutions), community development, policy, and finance, which have been cultivated through personal experience and work in the nonprofit sector.

Outside of work, Tanvi enjoys traveling, reading, biking, hiking (though she always ends up looking for birds instead of watching the path), cooking, and painting. Her curiosity is always driving her to try and learn new things.

Tanvi says, “As I learn more about TLCNJ’s work, I am eager to contribute my best to the organization. I look forward to connecting with everyone and being a part of TLC-NJ's efforts in preserving, restoring, and caring for the local landscape and communities.”

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