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  • Kate Munning

3rd Annual Fondo Rides for Conservation

Ten riders joined us on September 16 for the third annual Land Conservancy Fondo. Our president David led the crew and sent along his log of the day.

It was perfect riding weather—a cool 50 degrees and cloudy in the early morning (a real fall feel in the air) and sunny and warmer as we finished.

We changed things up by doing the same route as the past two years in the opposite direction. This allowed us to get to the busy west shore of Greenwood Lake earlier and with less traffic. A portion of this was newly paved as well, making for a great riding surface.

For those who love numbers the way I do, we rode a total of 30.5 miles at a 13.7 mile per hour pace. We climbed 2,176 feet in total elevation. By rotating our route, we saved the final four-mile hill climb for last—perhaps not the best strategy!

We rode together as a group most of the way. Bill Conger, our friend who founded this ride, was back riding with us again this year despite his knee problems, and his wife Kate was kind enough to act as our sag wagon support and photographer.

All in all, it was another good workout with great friends. Highlights include riding with my brother-in-law Bill (my partner on many a Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City) as well as Conservancy trustees Sherri Albrecht and Spence Mehl.

Thanks to all of you, we raised more than $3,100 in contributions and another $1,300 from riders for a total of $4,648, which adds up to more money to preserve more of these beautiful places we rode past! I am truly honored by your generosity, friendship, and support and just can’t thank each of you enough.

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