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  • Kate Munning

Featherfoil, Pollinators & Precious Green Spaces

Five hundred parcels of land preserved! Fascinating future environmental leaders profiled! Endangered species returning! There's a wealth of little gems to discover in the most recent newsletter.

Our staff works hard all year long, each team plugging away at a different facet of our conservation work, and each member contributing their unique skills and experience. The land team navigates the intricacies of Green Acres regulations; our mapping experts plug huge data sets into GIS to make maps both beautiful and useful. The planning team finds and uses green spaces in municipalities all over the state. Our stewardship team removes invasive species, plants trees, clears the trails at our preserves, and heads up restoration efforts. The communications team shares stories and forges relationships to build community and bring in funding.

This newsletter is a peek behind the curtain so you can see what makes the organization's engine hum, as well as learn where we're headed: funding open space in New Jersey, building climate resilience for at-risk communities, and training the next generation of environmental scientists.

Click through to read about the second successful year of our Pollinator Program, and how we've been working diligently with the towns of Hanover and East Hanover for many years to create precious green spaces and nature retreats in the midst of these bustling New Jersey suburbs.

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