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  • Kate Munning

Happy Earth Day 2020!

With a worldwide pandemic raging, there has been a significant shortage of good news and too much uncertainty of late. But today is Earth Day—its 50th anniversary, in fact—and at The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, we are celebrating. The Earth has always been here for us, and we continue to show up and help the Earth, just as we have for the past four decades.

So it’s fitting that we are able to announce significant steps forward on a few long-term projects at our land preserves around the state.

Ramapo Mountain Preserve

Nancy Conger West Brook Preserve

South Branch Preserve

All this and more make today a truly happy Earth Day. Today is an especially appropriate moment to savor nature’s beauty, which is free and accessible even now, even if it’s in some small way. Feel a spring breeze and watch birds through an open window; explore an unfamiliar path or a patch of forest. And we’ll be working behind the scenes like we always are. Our legacy is to leave behind a better world for you and future generations to enjoy.

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