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  • Kate Munning

How You Can Shape the Future

There are so many facets of our work here at The Land Conservancy, and we’ve been at it for 42 years now. It’s difficult to grasp the scope of what we do just from social media and our newsletter. So we decided to try something new. On October 18, we invited some of our members to participate in a webinar to examine the finer points of land preservation, habitat restoration, and environmental education and mentorship. David presented some historical context and then dug deep into the issues: funding open space in New Jersey, building climate resilience for at-risk communities, and training the next generation of environmental scientists. Attendees got a behind-the-scenes look at where the organization is headed, and they were invited to contribute their own questions and concerns about the future.

Looking ahead means acknowledging that we won’t be here forever, and that the work we do is for the good of future generations. The Legacy Giving Circle is an honorary society celebrating those who have named The Land Conservancy of New Jersey in their estate plans, knowing that their generosity and forethought will help protect natural resources in the Garden State for years to come.

Thanks to a challenge match issued by a dedicated donor, every person that confirms The Land Conservancy has been named in their will or estate plan by December 31, 2023 unlocks a $1,000 grant for the organization. So we invite you to join the dedicated individuals and families who have already taken steps to ensure open space and clean drinking water will continue for future generations. Become a Legacy Giving Circle member today.

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