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  • Kate Munning

2022 Planning Fellow: Sarah Howe

Let's give a big, warm welcome to new planning fellow Sara Howe!

Last year, TLCNJ introduced two new full-year planning fellowships to individuals with an undergraduate or master’s degree who are starting careers in conservation. These fellows stay with us for a year to learn valuable expertise, technology, and relationships, and in turn they give us a boost with their energy and fresh perspectives.

Sarah Howe is an excellent candidate for this fellowship. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she studied urban planning & policy with a specialization in environmental planning. During her studies, she participated in multiple internships regarding sustainability, climate adaptation, and equitable resource allocation. Now, she’s excited to join TLCNJ to further statewide conservation efforts.

Currently living in Iowa, Sarah is an avid reader, runner, and rock climber. She enjoys meditating, collaging, swimming, hiking, and traveling. After her fellowship, she hopes to revisit academia in pursuit of a PhD in environmental planning, hydrological planning, or climate resilience.

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